Bridging the Gap Meeting

Bridging the Gap Meeting

Evening Friends, one of my concerns over the past few years is the disconnect with our African brothers and sister who live here in Knoxville. While I have had private conversations we feel it’s time to be very intentional about bridging this gap.

After speaking with Drocella Mugorewera we are taking the initiative to invite a few friends together to begin to have this discussion. I am inviting you to this first gathering with our African siblings.

This first gathering will just be a meet and greet. Just a time to fellowship and get to know each other with the goal of establishing relationships that will bring us together. I hope you’ll join us. Please respond to this text privately with a yes or no if you can attend this initial meeting.

It will be held Friday October 21 @ 6:00 pm. The gathering will be held at Perk City 3229 E. Magnolia. I look forward to hearing from you as we take this first step.

In the spirit of UBUNTU! Chris Battle